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John Dory's The Bluff


Shop 55, Bluff Towers
318 Tara Rd
Monday : 09:00am-09:00pm
Tuesday : 09:00am-09:00pm
Wednesday : 09:00am-10:00pm
Thursday : 09:00am-09:00pm
Friday : 09:00am-10:00pm
Saturday : 09:00am-10:00pm
Sunday : 09:00am-10:00pm
Public Holidays : 09:00am-10:00pm

Restaurant Reviews:

- Candace Isaac | 24 Feb 2024

- Roy Naicker | 07 Feb 2024

- Ridone Baroochi | 16 Jan 2024

John Dory's at Bluff Towers really amazes me by the emaculate service that they give. The staff are so friendly and it feels as if you have known them for years even when it is your first time. Their High Tide breakfast is really affordable and delicious along with the bottomless coffee (although I prefer tea so a cup or two I have). Sushi and Poke bowls are divine too. And seeing the sushi bar as you enter in the middle of the entire restaurant is exciting for someone who loves sushi as much as I do. Having power points at some of the booths makes it easy to choose this place for meetings or even to work from. Thers is a kiddies area for the smallies to run around in;and alcohol is serve when you as daddy want a more adult experience. But what surprises the most while sitting and observing the staff there is that their customer service is top notch, from them knowing customers so well that they know what the customer likes, to hugging and saying goodbye to their customers. I definitely recommend this John Dory as I have not seen such a high level of customer service and care at any other franchise establishment.

- Sabastian Brandon Adams | 14 Aug 2023

Absolutely amazing service and the best sushi. Thank you Nobuhle. 5 stars !!!

- Corné Maasz | 25 Apr 2023

I came in a skeptic, but with the price point of $1,500 I made a profit of $19,350. The result has been the feedback from pros and customers has been amazing in terms of profits and the customer service is one of best departments I’ve ever dealt with, and have referred 2 customers who are also very happy . This is a reputable bitcoin Investment Platform to invest in, You can contact her to earn... Email:[email protected] What:+13618573869 Telegram:@Murphy_Sherry

- Michael Clarence | 30 Jan 2023

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