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John Dory's The Glen


Shop M12F The Glen Shopping Centre
cnr Orpen & Letaba Street
Monday : 10:30am-09:00pm
Tuesday : 10:30am-09:00pm
Wednesday : 10:30am-09:00pm
Thursday : 10:30am-09:00pm
Friday : 10:00am-09:00pm
Saturday : 10:00am-09:00pm
Sunday : 10:00am-08:00pm
Public Holidays : 10:00am-08:00pm

Restaurant Reviews:

Man we talking about JOHN DORY'S GUYS the best of everything that can be

- Vladimir Dimitrov Dyulgerov | 20 Sep 2023

Great fresh food

- mbali masemola | 18 Sep 2023

- Masibulele Ndzombane | 08 Sep 2023

We have received excellent and friendly service from the staff at John Dory The Glen. The food was delicious 😋😋 Really enjoyed it

- Ina Hawes | 28 Mar 2023

Really friendly service. The managers are extremely nice and eager to help. The food was great and truly a treat! Thank you for your great service. keep up the good work!

- Jacques Kloppers | 29 Jun 2022

had a great Friday night with family and it was not too clusterd and noisy, our fish was well cooked can't wait to try the rest of the menu .. thank you nothando

- Petunia Mtshali | 17 Jun 2022

This is actually phatic that this matter on reference CRM0008414 has being dragging on since 14/02/2021. The manager at the Glen Ruan keep on saying that I need to come see him. Whenever I phone him his never available. I live in Benoni and cannot waste petrol to come see him. You got the footage of my experience at the Glen so why cant his be finalize.

- Kumarie Persad | 17 May 2021

The first time I visited, I had a seafood meal. The food took very long but it was good. The second time I visited, I went with my family. There was a total of 5 people. We visited on a Wednesday for half price sushi. I was very disappointed. When we arrived, we waited 7-8 mins and there was no one at the entrance to seat us. Eventually we walked up to a table and waited another 5-7 mins for someone to clean it as there were no other clean tables. Food and cutlery from the previous customers were left all over and non of the staff standing around were willing to clean it until we requested them to. Eventually we sat down and gave our drinks and sushi orders. 5 mins after ordering the waiter warned us that the sushi was going to take long. I asked him how long it would take and he said that he wasn’t sure. There restaurant was partially full but not full. I noticed that there was only two sushi chefs and almost every single table in the restaurant were waiting for sushi. No one had food on their table. Eventually the waiters started giving out popcorn to the tables so that they can nibble on something while they wait for their order. Our waiter didn’t bring us anything. We waited and waited and eventually he attended to us and we requested twice for some popcorn to nibble on. This was extremely frustrating. We waited more than an hour for the sushi and it was made poorly. They didn’t have caviar and only told us after they had made our orders. They substituted it with avocado. Not once did a manager come around to apologise to the tables for waiting so long for their food. Some people started leaving and went to ocean basket which was opposite John Dory’s as they got tired of waiting. The management needs to cater for busy days and train their staff. This restaurant could have so much potential but unfortunately it seems as no one cares and they’re just there to show face. ————— After this review, I was contacted by the head office and the manager at the glen. They apologised for my experience as mentioned above. I visited the branch again, the service was much better. We were welcomed at the entrance, seated on a clean table and our food was served much quicker this time around. There were 3 sushi chefs working on half price sushi Wednesday and the staff was much more attentive. The sushi was made much neater and they had caviar as well! We spoke to the manger Dominique and he ensured us that our previous experience will not happen to us or other customers again. He thanked us for giving them another chance and took care of our bill. Thank you to the head office for taking this matter seriously and following up to ensure that the issue was rectified.

- Jen & Row | 09 Jan 2020

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